59sec Helps Companies To Follow Up Leads Under 59 Seconds!

4 Benefits:

Boosting conversion rates

WOW factor for clients

Differentiation versus competitors

Get a cool "money sound" when you have a new lead :)


No credit card required. You'll love it. Guaranteed. :)



Why it's so important to follow-up leads FAST?

Answering a lead in 5 minutes versus 30 minutes means 21x more chances to close the sale. Source: Forbes

Source: Forbes.com

Calling a potential client under 59 seconds clearly EXCEEDS expectations.
It generates WOW Factor and can convert the lead instantly.
It deters the potential client to ask for more offers from competitors. ;)

Important: in the first 5 minutes after the lead is generated, every second REALLY counts!

59sec - Grab a lead!

Easy to install

Step 1: You integrate 59sec system on your website (takes 2-5 minutes)

Step 2: Each of your sales agents installs the 59sec app on their mobile devices (takes 2 minutes)

Step 3: You connect the mobile app to the your site (takes 1-2 minutes)

That's it :). Now the magic can happen!


iOSAndroidWindows- Coming sooncloud

Important: 59sec ENTERPRISE can be integrated with any CRM via our API.


No credit card required. You'll love it. Guaranteed. :)




How does 59sec work?

Step 1. The potential client generates the lead

Step 2. The lead is pushed on the agents' mobile devices or computers

Step 3. The first available agent grabs the lead

Step 4. The agent calls the lead. The potential client is WOWed :)

Step 5. The agent clicks "Go 2 CRM" to fill in the data. Either 59sec CRM, either your CRM

If a lead is not grabbed in due time, the agents get reminders on phone.

If a lead is still not grabbed after 30 minutes, the boss is notified.

Useful statistics, to see agents' performances.

How does 59sec works

No credit card required. You'll love it. Guaranteed. :)

“We’re able to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace by providing top-notch customer service and responsiveness.”

Vigdis Eriksen – Founder & CEO @ Eriksen Translations Inc.5stars

“59sec gives us an edge on competition. [...] Highly recommended.”

Adrian Stanescu, Managing Partner @ Mats5stars

“Great idea, it brings real value to your business, once you have it all your sales leads become customers. ”

Sebastian Stefan, Leader @ LoadMe and CEO @ GifterGrouper5stars

“I’m exceptionally pleased with the results and just wanted to say thank you so much for a great tool!”

Elian I. - Project Manager, BSL Group, Italy5stars

“59sec application brought us a real benefit in communication and in the development of our business. We find this application absolutely mandatory.”

Serban Popa – CEO MOSA 5stars

“I’ve tested it, it looks good. Let’s support through feedback this initiative. I believe it will change to the better the performance marketing.”

Mihai Nasaudean – Owner GoodAfternoon (Top SEM Agency)5stars

“Super cool this application, 59sec![...] I like it very much, it helps me a lot and I recommend to anybody wants to sell better.”

Zoltan Lorencz – The most famous photographer in Romania, aka “The Romanian VIP’s photographer 5stars

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